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Interested in working abroad, but not sure how to find international jobs or programs? Look no further! Headquarter of Immigration Services can help connect you with the best opportunities.. Better yet, we can help you through the entire process-from choosing a job to understanding visa requirements to finding assistance during your job. Immigration is changing the world more than at any other time in history, opening up borders and introducing new business opportunities.


This program seeks to attract experienced business people to Headquarter of Immigration Services who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. Various programs are being offered at Federal and Provincial levels. The Province of Quebec has its own selection system. In all cases the Federal Government has final authority to issue permanent residency visas. The Business Immigration Program currently falls under three categories of immigrants :


An Investor is defined as a person who has successfully operated or controlled or directed a business or commercial undertaking for at least two years and who has accumulated, through his/her own endeavours, at least $1.6 million in Canadian funds. Prior to visa issuance, immigrant Investors must pay $800,000 CAD to the Receiver General for Canada.


To qualify under this category, applicants are expected to have business experience and a legally obtained minimum net worth of $300,000. “Net worth”, in respect of an entrepreneur, means the fair market value of all of the assets of the entrepreneur and their spouse or common-law partner minus the fair market value of all of their liabilities.

Apart from that they have to inform the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and Revenue Headquarter of Immigration Services of managing Canadian business for at least one year within three years of landing in Headquarter of Immigration Services and meet other requirements. All applicants must indicate in writing that they intend and will be able to meet these conditions, which are also applicable to all family members.